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About This Project

Ultramarine Blue Laundry and Industrial Grades :


  • Paper Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Inks and Plastic industry
  • Coating and Paints Industry
  • Artist Colors
  • Laundry and Textile Industry

 Application of Ultramarine Blue in Different Industries

The following list shows the large number of application where the use of ultramarine blue pigment is recommended and highly appreciated as a time tested pigment with full reliability and safety.

Artists colour,  Cellulose Lacquers, carbon paper, Cellulose Acetate, Detergents, Soap, Die Stamping ink, colored Pencils, Letter press inks, linoleum, Silk Screen inks, Distempers, Polyethylene, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, PTFE, Rubber, Phenol formaldehyde, Urea formaldehyde, Emulsion paints, Textile Printing, Plastic Flooring, Wax crayons, Leather cloth, Leather finishes, Oil paints, Stowing enamel, Roofing granules, Printing inks, Paper coating, Laminates, footwear, master batch and many others.

Ultramarine blue pigments made by us disperse easily and quickly . Light fastness, heat stability, solvent fastness, alkali resistance are all excellent and being non toxic in nature the pigment finds its suitability for application in cosmetic as well.

Ultramarine Blue for Paper Industries:

  • Ultramarine Blue is used for whitening of cellulose pulp and coloration of outside coating on colored and stucco paper in paper industry.
  • The Pigment has Excellent dispersibility
  • Low Moisture and Low sulphur helps in producing a kind of blue writing paper.

Ultramarine Blue for Plastic Industries

Ultramarine blue Grade is eminently suitable for application in all types of plastics.

  • The high heat resistance and light fastness of ultramarine in general along with its insolubility makes it ideal colorants for almost all kinds of thermoplastic and thermo setting polymers.
  • Low particle size and high milling fineness makes it disperse easily and has high light fastness.
  • Compatibility with all kinds of Polymers.
  • Improved appearance in brightness, transparency and surface smoothness.

Ultramarine Blue For Inks and Packaging Industry

  • Ideal in screen, flexographic and gravure inks. They are also widely utilised in hot stamping foils.
  • The pigment is heavy metal free, lightfast, easily dispersed, non-migratory and insoluble in all solvents.
  • Good light resistance and Low Oil absorption.
  • Heat resistant and well suited to heat cured applications.

Ultramarine has a bright, clean colour that is additionally ideal for colour correction roles.

Ultramarine Blue for Coating and Paint Industry

  • Ultramarine because of its hydrophilic nature has been very suitable to disperse in all common adhesive such as casein and other natural binders and more recently in the synthetic resin emulsions Ultramarine blue grades can be widely used either alone or with other pigments to produce various shades for all types and distempers.
  • Due to extreme fineness of the grades these disperse uniformly producing flawless tint and finish. 
  • Exterior gloss paints apart; ultramarine blue grades are very useful for paint pigments and are used in almost all types of surface coatings.
  • For example, exterior blue under coats may be pigmented with ultramarine as the pigment grinds quickly and gives full colour value for money.
  • Cellulose pencil lacquers are often required to be formulated from non toxic components and here ultramarine blue is very popular.
  • For emulsion paints as well as distempers and water paints of all types ultramarine has been very suitable for its high alkali resistance and dispersion properties.  Ultramarine blue is also preferred for artist colour and crayons due to its shade purity and non toxicity

Ultramarine Blue For Laundry and Textiles

  • Laundry blue is a solution of synthetic ultramarine that is widely used to improve the appearance of textiles, especially white fabrics. White fabrics acquire a slight color cast after use. Since blue and yellow are complementary colors in the subtractive color model of color perception, adding a trace of blue color to the slightly off-white color of these fabrics makes them appear whiter.
  • Ultramarine blue is the most commonly used laundry blue. It gives a violet blue color and makes a fine powder and thus becomes a suitable blue for laundry.
  • It is safe to use as it is not harmful to the fabrics. Bluing is to be done only when the fabric is free from soap or detergent used for washing the cloth. Ultramarine blue being not insoluble in water, the coloring matter is held in suspension, and so the water must be stirred each time before use.

Packing :

Ultramarine Blue for Laundry :
Liquid Blue : 75 ml,200 ml,500 ml,1 liter
Ultramarine Tablets /Cubes/Blocks : 15 gram
Hdpe bags: 5 kg ,10 kg and 25 k.g .
Box packings: 25 / 30 gram,100 gram,200 gram,400 gram and 1 kg .
Sachets packing: 6 gram,8 gram and 10 gram .
Azulete Boats : 500 gram & as per requirements .


  • Ultramarine Blue for Laundry
  • Ultramarine Blue for Paints
  • Ultramarine Blue for Detergent / Textile
  • Ultramarine Blue for Pvc Pipes and others