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About This Project

Product Features : 

  • Best for All Kind of Dishwasher Machine Utensils Cleaning
    Removes stains and  leaves fresh fragrance .
    Act as a Power Utensils Cleaner
    5 In 1 Action – Detergent, Rinse Aid, Salt, Glass Protection & Power Clean
    Has Active Enzymes That Help Removal Of Stains From The Dishes / Utensils.
    Helps in maintaining durability of Utensils
    Packing 20 gram Tablet

Product Description :

Sindhu Super Cleen Dishwasher tablets has a unique formula which helps in removing stains from dishes / utensils and maintain them to look like New.
Gives fast ,gentle & sparkling dish washing results .The unique formula with clean boosters gets rid of oily stains and grime easily .

Directions : Place the dishwasher tablet in main detergent dispenser and close .One table per wash load .Best results are achieved in soft water

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